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There’s only one way to make bathrooms look amazing on TV - without actually trying to cram a whole camera crew, camera and track, lighting and several cast into a real bathroom in somebody’s house. Yes, just build a large, fully working set yourself. So when it came to creating this beautiful looking series of adverts for Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, Producer Jonny Swales suggested that we should build our own fully functioning and plumbed in sets, providing our talented camera team with the wonderful flexibility to get stunning shots in these luxurious looking bathroom set ups.

Better still, it was suggested that these sets should be built within Wholesale Domestic’s showroom site - complete with makeup room, green room, changing rooms for the cast… and a nice big area behind the camera for our film crew. Make no mistake, this was a tricky task to undertake, created completely from scratch in an area of their warehouse behind the showroom… and special consideration was required for the plumbing, tiling and creating enough room above and around the sets for our lighting set up too.

Everything worked out perfectly - and every bath, shower set, cabinet, basin, tap and bathroom accessory was right there, ready to be included in these fabulous looking sets. Expertly Produced by Jonny Swales and Directed/Edited by the very talented Mark Lediard.

Producer: Jonny Swales

Director/Editor: Mark Lediard

Production with Future & Co Films